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I am so proud of my new 3D Game Boy Advance game and I want you to play it and beat my high score! 

I made everything you see including writing the game engine. This is a real GBA game that can run on an emulator or the actual GBA hardware. 

The objective is to collect the white snow on the floor and blow apart the larger snow blocks. Your time remaining is added to your score so to get a high score you need to beat the game faster! A score of 45 is pretty good but I’m sure you beat that.

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Tags3D, blocks, cubes, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Retro, Singleplayer, Speedrun


3D_SnowTank_v1.gba 228 kB

Install instructions

Drag and drop the .gba file onto an GBA emulator like visualBoyAdvance or onto a sd card in a flashcart into the actual GBA hardware.


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So good

Great job as always!

It would be great to have a Battle City 3D clone for the GBA :)


Mind blowing stuff!